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Felines by royswordsman Felines :iconroyswordsman:royswordsman 135 10
Possessive! Loki x Reader: Scream My Name 5
Corrupting your mind, toying with your feelings, what will Loki do next?
Scream My Name - Chapter 5
You paced down the space of your room. Mind fluttering through thoughts of your brothers. You loved Thor, you know you did. You refused to give in to Loki’s tricks and allow him to sway your affections from Thor. Shaking your head you moved out of the room. As you sauntered down the hallway, you noticed that no one was around. All that could be heard was the sound of your heels clicking against the marble floor. Sighing, you departed to the outside. It'd been awhile since you'd gone outside, as you strolled around the magnificent garden all you could do was admire the luminous flowers that decorated the grounds outside the palace.
Humming an unnameable tune, you moved through the gardens. You had always loved the flowers that surrounded the palace. Loki would show you little magic tricks out here. The happy little memory made you giggle.
“Do you always get this happy
:iconstrawbuu-chan:Strawbuu-chan 248 101
H2OVanoss Smut. by SSSammyThree
Mature content
H2OVanoss Smut. :iconsssammythree:SSSammyThree 92 16
supernatural - winchesters by kreugan supernatural - winchesters :iconkreugan:kreugan 2,224 248 Supernatural by Aerinn-I Supernatural :iconaerinn-i:Aerinn-I 1,477 105 Supernatural by rachitick Supernatural :iconrachitick:rachitick 1,213 111 Supernatural by MediaViolence Supernatural :iconmediaviolence:MediaViolence 3,035 393 Supernatural by StevenWilcox Supernatural :iconstevenwilcox:StevenWilcox 1,708 546 Supernatural by DavidDeb Supernatural :icondaviddeb:DavidDeb 4,199 510 Supernatural by muraito Supernatural :iconmuraito:muraito 5,626 319
Mature content
A Convention 17 :iconharuchii23:Haruchii23 51 70
Creepy Photobomb ID by Space-Wank
Mature content
Creepy Photobomb ID :iconspace-wank:Space-Wank 12 108
Ghirahim X Reader- I'm not evil (part 1)

You were alone in the kitchen, while your parents were talking about something. They took a long time, and you decided to go and investigate. You slowly opened the door to their rooms, filled with curiosity. Your parents were strangely quiet and sincere. Your dad had a shield and a sword strapped to his back. "Mommy? Daddy? Is everything okay?" you asked. "Y-yes..." my dad coked out, kneeling down to
look into your eyes. "I just have to leave. I won't be back for a while. " he whispered. "I don't want you to leave!" You pouted. "Me neither," your father said with tears in his eyes and hugged you tight. "Listen to your mom. I love you know matter what." he said. He turned to leave and you asked, "Will you be back?" Your dad paused, shaking, and said "Of course." And then he left.

He never came back. 
You were crying as your mom became ill. She smiled weakly and said the last thing she ever said. "Y/N...Be strong... Smile for me...Goodbye.." "No! MO
:iconfirework615:Firework615 112 53
Austria X Reader part 3 Final
Prussia's POV
How Dare Austria tell me to stay away from my own Property? I'll show him the awesome me doesn't give up that easily I just need a little help but I'll be back. Back at my house I called my two friends to come to my house in a flash I heard the door bell ring. I was about to shout to (Name) to get it when I remembered she was no longer there, and she was also the reason I called them here.
"Guten Tag Guys come in" I said as I open the door.
"Hola Prussia so good to see you!" Spain said as he gave me a hug. My other friend France looked a bit disappointed.
"Prussia, where is that cute Maid you have? I though she would answer the door." he said with a frown.
"That's actually the reasons I called you guys, but how about we discuss it over a drink!" I said walking in to the Kitchen I wasn't used to getting drinks for my friends. That was (Name)'s Job, I really wanted her back now. I got France and Spain some wine and myself a beer and we sat down at the table.
"So what is you
:iconspiritotter:Spiritotter 107 76
Hetaloid!Prussia x Reader
You open the box, and gasp at what’s inside.
It was a Prussia hetaloid.
You chuckled to yourself quietly, so no one else could hear. You heard that this hetaloid self-proclaims itself as “awesome.”
You thank your parents and continue on with the party. Your friends tried to sneak over and turn it on, but you caught them before they had the chance.
When everyone left, you stride over to the box and take the instructions out without touching the hetaloid.
Your face formed a pout. Man, were you glad no one was around to see this.
You cleared your throat, a blush forming on your cheeks. “Who’s awesome?” you asked in a fake enthusiastic voice.
You heard a faint ‘kesesese.’  The albino hetaloid suddenly sprang from the box. “I’m awesome!” He exclaimed confidently. “Why, it seems you even noticed it.” he said with a smirk you felt like you were going to see often.
You swore you felt a vain pop in your head.
:iconhetafan123:hetafan123 782 615
It had been a long, tedious day. Arthur sighed exaggeratedly, moving towards his large, two story home in London, England. Like always, Alfred had bothered the world meeting with his blasted outbursts on everything that was said (And stuffing his American cheeks with those indecently greasy hamburgers no less. But what was new?). So, not much got done because of that bloody aggro. Sometimes Arthur wondered if that boy was always bleeding blinkered! But fine, his incapability to be quiet and "read the atmosphere" could never be changed. They all knew that.
Again he let out a large breath of air in a sigh and moved to open the door, his keys jingling in his tense hands. He pushed the door open, welcomed by the same empty house in the same cool place in a less busy part of London. He clicked the door behind him shut and stepped into the spacious, neat building. His booshy brows pushed together as his mind still wondered what could make a man so annoying and loud. But, then again, he suppo
:iconshyannaruto:shyannaruto 120 21




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